finially ! some good stuff about the WR in dirt rider...

the june issue of dirt rider has some good stuff to say about the WR450!!!if you read the article it talks about clear creek.if you live around that area you know that place is heaven to ride,if you live in california and havent been there your missing out!


I have a Canadian 2003 WR450 and am wondering about the "snorkel". My 2001 and 2002 had it but the 2003 is a one piece unit that holds the battery. Is the USA version different?


P.S. Dirt Bike raved about it a few months ago, but sniveled about it during the 450 comparison test. I think the test riders are getting too old for a real bike.

You need to remove that baffle and pitch it as far as you can throw it. Take a large screwdriver and separate the baffle between the battery carrier and the baffle itself. There is a plastic weld that keeps the battery carrier fixed to the baffle - thus the one piece look. Once that plastic weld is broken a large pliers will pull that baffle out right out. Don't be shy, it requires a good heft to pull the baffle out. Whats left are some ridges that can be smoothed or cut out with a putty knife. Removing that baffle made a difference in induction with my WR450.


Thanks. I'll get my sawz-all right on it. I kind of missed that deep throuty sound my other bikes made when I removed the baffle. That and the crazy power.

Where in Colorado. Do you have bentinite in your clay?

Where is Clear Creek??


Clear Creek is south of Hollister - use highway 25 - takes a little over an hour from Hollister. They have closed all my favorite hills, but it is still the best thing out there that I know of. The Hollister BLM office can give you maps so you don't get lost.

PS dirt rider also talked about clear creek's national enduro - Won by Pearson on a YZ250F - That little bike rocks! :)

If you guys & gals want to read a GOOD review on our bikes go to and go to their test sites. They have a great online test article on the big blue beast and it pretty much says it like it really is. :)


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