Recluce cluch?

My son loves his on his 05 YZ450f. We have ridden the 12 hours at Glen Helen the last two years and it held up great. I still have to use the clutch as having old habits and hard to change. The other thing is it really helps GP starts when you have to hold your clutch hand to your helmet before starting. With this, you just grab and go, ahead of the pack.

Logically, the Rekluse shouldn't be much harder on a clutch than just manually feathering is. Provided it's set up correctly, it would not slip the clutch unless it was required, and then, only what is actually required. If you're one of those people who use the Rekluse to avoid the insult of having to downshift once in awhile, and run second or third gear in places where you wouldn't think of doing so with a manual clutch, then yes, you'll toast the clutch sooner, but otherwise, it shouldn't be any harder on the plates than the clutch work I do in some of the rocky canyons I end up in.

My take is, I think recluses increase the life of a clutch if ridden properly, what would kill it is 3rd gear starts, being in wrong gear,etc. I use to feather my manual clutch way to much. I also find my oil looking a little healthier on a 7-8 hr oil change.

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