YZF426 - Which Cam Chain?

Hi again,

stripping my yzf 426 since the history is unknown. I will be replacing the cam chain. I have seen prox and ybn cam chain on evil bay. I also found one from wiseco which i assume is best? Any comments or recommendations?

I have another question...is the cylinder bore nikasil coated? (hard chrome?) Or is it an ion sleeve in an alu casting? i am seeing "oversize" pistons on offer which i dont think work with nikasil?


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OEM Cam-chain (cheap from TT store :banghead: ) and yes it is Nikasil plated.

Is it possible then to use oversize pistons with nikasil?????

You can over bore the stock cylinder up to 3mm, but it requires replating it. There are no oversize pistons from Yamaha for wear.

ok great, now i understand!

go with stock oem

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