Having trouble installing clutch basket

Got a new basket and I'm trying to slide it on the shaft but its not going on all the way. it goes to the point where it locks but barely gets on the gears behind it. Is it normal to have this kind of difficulty or am i doing something wrong? I can't put the stock one on either so its not the basket itself.

In doing this, you are engaging two gears on the basket with three on the engine. There is the obvious primary drive set, which you can readily see is aligned or misaligned. Then there is the auxiliary drive gear on the back of the basket that has to mesh with the kick start idler and the oil pump idler. Rotating these last two gear sets manually to mesh them is usually the way out of this.

Listen closely.........I done the same thing!.....Take your time and keep wiggleing and moving the basket until it meshs with the oil and idler gear. When it meshs you will know it cause the basket will go back another half inch.

If you think you have it on but really dont and start to torque the nut on you will more than likely crack the idler gear or the oil pump gear. I cracked the oil gear thinking I had it all the way on.

like I said........You will know when it is all the way on. If you have the basket off put it on. If it just goes about 1/4 the ways in then you will need to wiggle it some more. When it is meshed you will see the basket go back another half inch.

Thanks for the help guys, i got it on. It took some wiggling and spinning the basket and tire until it clicked. Boy what a good feeling when she settles in there..

Good to hear you got in all the way on........ Just remember you can get extra life out of the clutch if you replace the springs a little sooner,they are a lot cheaper and will make the plates grab better.

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