More Piston talk

OK i have really been throwing around this idea to go with a high compression piston in my 03 yz450. Than i think back to well i dont race i only ride the woods, and than i cant decide what to do. I like power but i dont need insane power, but i do at the same time. Just really wondering if it is truly worth it for someone who doesnt race and really how are the power gains?

The 03 is the hardest hitting yz 450 ever! Wish I still had mine. I dont think you need to do it. Just put on a tooth or two on rear sprocket for the woods. Lots cheaper

Yes so i have heard from many. Well thanks maybe i will stick with stock.

If you are expecting big power gains from a high compression piston, don't waste the money.

High compression pistons work well for the woods. They increase the bottom end punch, but don't do much in the high rpms. The increased bottom end is nice for hills.... they also will loft the front end a little easier when the rpms are low and you crack the throttle for obstacles like downed trees and small ditches. I'd go for it.

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