GYT-R insert and fouling plugs

Hey any of you guys fouling plugs with your insert?

I havent ridden the beast much, but I went thru 2 plugs since I got it. Both were black as night. :)

My son's bike ran like crap after one ride with it in. You will have to decide if you want to be quiet or loud and jet accordingly. Also the bike runs much hotter with the thing in.

Your bike will run richer with the insert, thus leading to the fouling. You will need to rejet or at least change the clip position on the needle if you stay with the insert.

How did the bike run before? My bike is near perfect uncorked but is a dog with the insert. I don't foul plugs but it is running too rich with the insert.

My bike ripped without the insert. The jetting was pretty much spot-on, and I never fouled a plug. A few rides with the insert and BAM! Maybe thats it. Thanks!! :)

Wyohorse, that advise on the insert comes at a great time...I ordered and paid for one a few weeks back and the dealer can't seem to get one. The WR runs like a rapped ape with the baffle out and runs pretty civilized with it in. Point being , maybe I will just uncork where I can and run the stock potato when I have to and apply the $ 40.00 to something I can get my hands on.. OTT, I will be in Billings the 15th ~ 20th for a family thing and will be bringing the bikes. I know it's a stretch for you but p.m. me if you are able to come up. :DDirtstiff :)


Your jetting is pretty rich for running a baffle. I run a Vortip baffle, at sea level, EKN on 3 and a 160 main. All other jetting is stock and it runs great. No plug problems. If it runs great uncorked you will need to lean it up with a baffle.

Yeah, the plug was pretty black. I replaced it and I cant start it. Kicked it way mor times than I needed, and nothing. What the %#^$?? I dont get it. Its never done anything like this before. Im pissed and dont know where to start now. :)

If you got any tips, lay em on me. Thanks. :)

I think this problem may be deeper than I originally thought.

I yanked the plug out of the head, and tried kicking it over while touching the plug tip to metal-no spark. Now Im wondering if there is something shorting out the system. I installed a Baja Designs rear brake switch last year, and hadnt had any problems. I think I remember hearing that some of these switches were shorting out. Does anyone think that could be the problem here??

Someone once told me "When in doubt, yank it out." I suppose this could be applied to motorcycles too. :)

Seriously, I remember reading the posts about the BD switch shorting out the system. Wouldn't be too difficult to disconnect the brake switch, just to verify.

Well last night I "yanked" it. Oops, I mean I pulled the brake switch and still, no spark. Im at the end of my rope and think it may have to see the Doc. :) At least they say i can bring it in today. :D

Ding dong the bitch is dead. My stator is shot, (so they say), so it wasnt the insert or the fouling, which I will cure if I use the insert again. It figures as soon as we get good riding weather this $#%&* happens. :)

Just thought Id say the friggin stator cost me $260. Ughh.

Bummer wayneo. Did it fix the problem?

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