07-09 WR450R Vs KTM off-road

Part of your decision should be based on how much you enjoy coolant steaming up in your face. If you enjoy it go for the orange bike, if you're not that into the steam go blue :banghead:

I'm sort of kidding but not really, my KTM RFS never boiled even at 12K feet on super steep climbs (had the fan installed). BUT most all the KTM's I ride with boil over quite a bit. I've never boiled my 06 WR250 or 07 YZ450 anywhere and I routinely ride steep and or tight high altitude trails 8-12K feet. Many of the KTM's that I've seen boiling over have auto clutches (owner probably rides a gear too high because they easily can) as well as air restrictive radiator guards. I would skip the cheesy auto clutch and only use radiator braces like Works Connection or Enduro Engineering with the stock louvers in place.

I would pass on all the 4 strokes discussed above and get a 2 stroke. The 250/300 KTM's are really nice (although still boil over) and my YZ250 is the best bike I've ever ridden once converted to off road. 5 minute oil changes, no valves to adjust/replace, feels like a downhill mountain bike in the tight stuff, feel fresher after long rides, the list goes on....

I ride a '06 WR450 (all free mods done and gutted pipe) and my brother used to ride a '03 450MXC. The KTMs engine and tranny are better than my WR... when the KTM runs. He has had more problems with that bike than any other bike I have ever been around. He eventially got a '07 XR650 and even though the power doesnt compare he likes the XR better because he can acutally ride it for a weekend without something major going wrong. I have never had any problem with my bike that was not crash related. WRs all the way!

Thanks to you all for your help! I especially enjoyed the tutorials regarding "what a trail is" for our SoCal brethren, as well as the off-hand remarks about KTM coming from the same "Fatherland" that produced Hitler! Haha, but very helpful, and fairly unbiased for a post on the WR forum...now searching for the best deal I can find...:banana:Tax Time!!

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