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Hey everybody,

I wanted to say hi to all of you that post or lurk on this bulletin board. Two weeks ago I bought a '99 yz400 with a total of about 3 hours on it. Not a scratch! Anyways, I have been out of riding dirt bikes for about 8 years. Way too long! Always said if they made a four stroke motocrosser that was competitive I would have to have one. Well, they did and now I do. This bike is soooo awesome! I went to the desert this past weekend and I'm still trying to wipe this stupid grin off my face! You all know the feeling.

I want to thank everybody for all the great advice in their posts. I was a little worried about buying a four stroke because of how difficult I thought it would be to maintain. It looks like all the answers to any questions are right here with all of you.

Also, if there is anyone here who lives in San Diego or wants to ride in San Diego I invite you to send me an e-mail so we can hook up. The riding areas in SD are dwindling but there are still a few good spots left.

Ride hard!



Goin' big on a '99 YZ400

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