What was your first bike ?

I had a 1977 YZ 125.I was the third owner and pounded it , into the mountains for two years.It never let me down !Picking up my 2000 WR in April.Can't wait to be riding a Yamaha again !!!!

dirt or street bike?

Dirt.. 1975 CanAm TNT 175 (Bombardier built) followed by a '76 CZ Jawa 250 motocrosser (anybody want it? ) followed by a '00WR.

Street.. 1978 KZ650SR

MY first bike was a 1995 Yamaha RT 100. Its for sale if anyone wants it! GREAT BIKE GREAT SHAPE!

started at seven yrs old with a honda QA 50 still have it, from that to an honda SL100 then a 1975 YZ80 then a 1979 YZ80 then a YZ 100 then an XR250r from that to a 200X three wheeler back to an XR250r then 300EX 4 wheeler to a yamaha ttr250 and now to a 2000 wr400 I have a 2001 wr250f ordered , it will be here in feb but i'm going to sell it when it comes in!

My first dirt bike was a GT 80 Yamaha of coarse! I can't even remember the year. Than several years later I got a 92 WR200 now I have a real bike! WR400 and Love IT!

GT 80, YZ 80, IT 175, IT 250, KLX 300, WR 400, now a KTM 400 exc. CAn't remember the years of the GT, YZ, IT's but it was the 70's and early 80's then skipped 15 plus years to the KLX, WR and KTM.


1973 Honda XR75.

After a brief period of riding two-strokes (YZ100, YZ250, YZ465), and after riding my dad's killer TT500, I switched to four strokes and have been riding 'em ever since. Mostly Honda XR's (500's, 600's, & a 400) till a blue thumper passed me on my XR400 like I was going backwards. :)

I'll never forget the first time I hopped on a YZ400 and let her rip. Light years faster than the XR. Got a '00 WR400 a year ago and love it.

My first bike was a DEXON it had a lawn mower engine and you needed to start it with a rope and then I bought a yz80k 1982 model.

Started in the early 70's on some type of minibike with a 5hp briggs & straton, then went onto some orange tanked low suspension kawasaki in the mid 70's(bike was probably late 60's vintage). 1980(or 81) parents went on vacation and I broke the bank and bought a slightly used yz80, they werent' happy. From there the list get's big with an assortment of kawasaki's a suzuki and several honda's one KTM and finally big blue.


99 WR400




Originally posted by robman:

started at seven yrs old with a honda QA 50 still have it…

No Way! Me too, but I always think I’m mistaken because nobody’s ever heard of a “QA 50” but I swear that’s what it was. Now I can be sure.

Unfortunately, I GAVE (yes, GAVE) it away many, many years ago.


(Pardon me, I was just kicking myself).

Had a 1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster 90cc,it had an orange tank, paid $374 new. Remember I wanted the 90 instead of the 100cc Trail Boss because I thought the 100 had too much power.

Hey TW that briggs& scrap iron wasn't a blue coloured ( BONAZA ) was it ?My neighbor had one ,and we use to ride it around,untill it made some funny sounds and blew apart !

My first bike was a 78(?)Suzuki RM100, we used to jump it over the road by my house. Then I got a 81 RM 125, I thought it was the fastest thing I ever rode( It used to go through rings like nobody's business. Then I went to an IT 250 yamaha. Just had to have that monoshock suspension.(The rear suspension was like a pogo stick)Then 15 years later I got my 2000 WR. Every time I get frustrated with my bike I just think back to the good(?) old days, and I feel much better.

For street bikes I've had:83 Suzuki GS1100ES,85 Kawasaki GPZ 550,750 and 1100( the fuel injection SUCKED.)Now I have a Kawasaki ZRX 1100, and I am either going to buy a Yamaha R1, or Suzuki GSXR1000 year after next.

I would rather ride off road than on road any day though. A much bigger adrenaline rush.

Started on a 74 Yamaha mx 80, to a 75 Yamaha 175 Trails Cat, 83 xr 350, 84 ktm 125mx, 85 ktm 250, 90 CR500, 99yz400 ol'blue still wish I had the Trails Cat now that I know how its supposed to be ridden I used to ride it down fire roads not its forte. Oh well still was fun...


My first bike was a 1951 Vellocett, a 21 inch twin four stroke. It almost killed me.

It was brand new. Is that dating me?

'91 DR350. Got it used in '93 sold it in '99 when I got my WR. Loved it. Great bike to learn on. Went everwhere and took everything. Only had to replace the clutch once, otherwise, it was bulletproof.

'88 XR628 dual sported, '90 KX500 now my '99 WR400 dual sport.

Street - '88 Katana 1100F (with the electric windscreen)


My first bike was a `68 Lil Indian lawn mower powered mini bike. Which led to

`72 Honda CT70H Manual clutch with 4 speed gear box.`73 Suzuki TS90, `74 Husky CR125,`74 Montesa VR250, `76 Suzuki RM125A, `78 Honda CR250, `81 Honda CR450 very bad choice, `83 Honda CR480 much better, `85 Honda CR250, `86 Honda XL250-hey I was in college and broke, `91 Suzuki DR350S-damn hard to start,

which brought me to a mid life crisis and my

`98 WR400.

My next purchase will be a `01 WR426 if I can get a Canadian model without the dreaded California check digit.

1st bike was a honda 50 trail bike,then TRI,500,YAMAHA RT360,MX360,XR600,WR400 all good bikes.


1969 250 DT1. I actually took a 3dr place in the 1970 Wyoming MX championship on that bike against some CZs and Huskys at Ken Guios ranch in Big Piney. They gave out tonbstones as trophies, 30 lbs, real granite. I still have it. I had Pentons, Huskys ect after but my 99 WR400 is the best ever.

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