What was your first bike ?

1971 Yamaha 125 AT1-C Enduro.

Got it used. It had electric start, and man was that a great tool while learning how to hill climb. Saved my butt more than once! I remember it had a compression release much like our WR's. Only thing was I thought it was like the ones on semi trucks, and used to use it to slow myself down on long downhills! :) Never seemed to hurt anything! I laugh my head off thinking about it now!

My first "new" bike was a 1978 Yamaha DT-175 Enduro. Bought it when I was 15. Great little 2-stroke. Used to ride it to high school in the snow so I wouldn't have to ride the bus! Then came the '79 IT175 (a real upgrade over the DT in the dirt), followed by an '89 XT600. Wow, guess I was a Yamaha fan! I've only had two street bikes: Started with an '82 Kaw GPZ 550, and now currently ride an old '83 Honda V45 Sabre (cherry condition though).

Wonder how my '00 WR4 would compare to the V45 in the 1/4 mile???

A Harley Davidson M50.....(year unknown). A piece of crap little motorbike that had a 50cc 2-smoke engine and it had the 3-speed transmission cable shifter mounted as an integral part of the clutch lever....like some of the Vespa scooters. Harley didn't actually manufacture that bike, it was imported and rebadged from Italy. If memory serves me correctly, Moto Morini made it. The was the devil's bike!

197? Kawasaki Trail Boss. I was so small I had to put the kickstand down to start it, take off and then reach down and kick the stand up. Rode the crap out of that bike for many years. Next, 1968 Kawasaki 120 Enduro, the neighbor bought it new and never rode it. I rode it all over and even to school. Honda 400 Hawk and then a Yamaha RD350, 6-spd, talk about scary. I had it ported, added Mallory ingnition coils, DG gold anaodized radial fin heads, Konis, DG pipes and DG extended swing arm. You could fan the clutch on the freeway and wheelie.

If any one knows where I can find a Trail Boss please email me. I would like to have one to restore.

00 in Calgary- Are you really giving it away?



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.

1968 Puch (sold by Sears) 50. Made in Austria. Won the 1977(?) world 250(?) GP's. Had a twin carbed engine.

Mine did not have anything in common w/ that bike.



'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.

197? Honda SL 75.Great little thumper with a four speed and a manual clutch.Too many others (dirt & street) since then.Some of my favorites(in no particular order)-'79 RM 100;my first real MX bike,'81 CB 650 Custom;my first street bike,'81 Can-Am 250 Qualifier;my first taste of an enduro bike powerband,'85 RZ 500;the perfect bike for a teenage hooligan!,'89 KDX 200;just a great all around dirt bike,'87 KX 250;first new bike that I ever bought,'97 VFR 750;gotta love that gear-drive whine and Nascar-esque exhaust note,'97 WR 250;made me feel faster than I was,and last but not least my '00 WR 400(and you all know why I like that one).

Previous dirt bikes:

79' YZ80, 84' KX80, 84' CR125.

Previous street bikes:

89' ZXR750, 95' GSXR1100, 97' TL1000S, 98' GSXR600.


99' WR400F

98' CBR600F

i'd had two girlfriends before i got my first bike. her name was Cathy, what a tart-but so much fun.

oh how i miss her.


A Classic 1969 Moto Guzzi 125 Scrambler...


Dan in Washington

2000 WR400F

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Well, my first was an early early (early 70's) yz 80. My dad sold that, bummer and I had a pedal version for a while. (I tore up the yard too much) Then I crossed the 2-wheel line to the 4-wheel group. Honda 185, then sold that to fund my 86 pure sports FZ600. My first street bike..That was stolen and I replaced it with a 92 FZR 600. Had that for a few years, then did something stupid. Another ouch. Then decided the dirt was softer. (it is, but trees still dont move) I bought another 4-wheeler, a 230 zuk sport. Sold the 230 in San Diego for $700, ouch, and bought a 95 CBR1000. Loved that bike. Still missing my dirt calling,and picked up an 86 XR600, complete with bent forks. I didnt understand why I kept dumping it in the turns. Palomar Mountain claimed my CBR, Even though I was going the posted legal speed limit!! Once again, guardrails dont move either. So keeping the XR until, wedding bells. Yes, hocked the bike to a rancher in Norhtern Cal. He didnt have a helmet, or any gear. So for a measley $200 more, he got it all. $1300.00. My helmet, (new summers replica, new tech 5 boots, everything. (Dumb dumb dumb) . 18 months later, My wife suprised me with my favorite bike, Ducati 900ss. That wet red candy was my baby. I loved it, but it wasnt as comfy as the CBR. Last August, I sold the girl and went out on a limb. I bought a smaller dirt bike, the DRZ400E. I love it. a few after market parts, and it handles better and seems like it has more hook up power than my old XR. Thats it, thats my story and Im sticking to it. :)


'00 DRZ E

Where is the kickstart on this thing....

Started at 16 with a Suzuki TS50ER trail bike which was rubbish, then a Suzuki GT185 which used to hole pistons, then a Suzuki X7 which also used to hole pistons, then I saw the light and bought a YAMAHA RD250LC known as an RZ in the US and Aus (i'm in the UK ),then 2 RD400s,then a RZ350, then a 1980 YZ125 that ate piston rings and had a very narrow power band, then a 1986 KTM250 MX, then a GSX750ET which was crap so I bought a RZ350YPVS in Kenny Roberts colours which was originally intended for the US and came with catalytic converters which were replaced with a set of TZ pipes, next a 1985 GSXR750 then a 1987 FZ750 then a 1989 GSXR750 followed by a 1993 YZF750 at the same time as I had this I bought an XT350 which I replaced with a 1987 XR250. I then traded the YZF for an R1 everyone should try one of these it'll warp your mind you start to think of 140mph as a normal road speed and 100mph+ wheelies as normal behaviour as this was getting a bit too much really I've now got a 2000 DRZ400 and a 86 TZR250 which handles better than my R1 but isn't quite as fast.It'll do 120mph. If yamaha built a WR426 with a slightly lower seat height and an electric start I'd buy one tomorrow as I'd rather have a Yamaha than a Suzuki.

'68 minibike (Tuchemsa lawnmower engine)

XR 75, Hodaka Combat Wombat 175, Honda TL125, elsinore 250, yamaha 175, CR250, '85 CR500, '98XR250, '91 KTM RXC 300, '00 WR400, I wont even mention the road bikes. The WR is the best of the bunch :)

'68 Honda 50 Mini-Trail, '75 Suzuki TC125, '79 Suzuki DS185, '91 Honda CR250R, '94 Honda CR250R, '99 WR400F

That would be 1968. It was a three speed 50cc (maybe 65cc) Harley Davidson. A real piece of junk. Street tires, no air filter, a red bicycle pedal for kick starter, a funny like round girl seat and gas tank that looked like a black widow butt.

My dad got it from a guy in Tijuana, Mexico. When he told me about it, I envisioned a big ol Harley. My friends (they didn't know anything either) thought it would be cool. We're we in for a surpise. We rode it around in 2nd or 3rd gear cause we didn't know how to hand shift it to first. We could only ride it for about 10 minutes and then the rear sprocket would fall off. As for an air filter, I strapped one of my dad's dress socks over the carb (it kept the rocks out).

After awhile it ran out of gas, so we put some more in. Funny thing is that it's tiny chrome pipe would glow like lava. We didn't know you were suppose to put oil in the gas. I told my buddies about it and they said regular car oil would fix it. I poured a bunch 30 wt Penzoil in and it smoked like hell. Everywhere I went, it was like Petty Coat Junction (the train). My friends could tell for miles around that I was on my way to our favorite riding spot.

Anyway, after a few days, I showed it off to local junior high crowd. I arrived from the bottom of a big steep ditch pushing it up. It stalled on top, right in front of where they were sitting on their fine Hodakas 90, Kawasakis and Taco Mini Bikes. They all got a big laugh and asked me what the hell it was. Talk about embarrasment!

Anyway, things are much better now. I can afford a helmet and bitchen WR 400.

My first bike was a 1979 RM 125. I was only 10 or 11 and it was way to much for me but I had by far the fastest bike of all my friends.

99 WR400 - AT 32 years old I thought it might be a bit much for a first bike. I read up and discovered this site and it turned out to be the best bike one can own. I have learned a lot in the past year and a half thanks to the folks at this site and the whole motorcycle industry, everyone seems willing to help a vet-rookie.

At 12yo my first bike was a new Hodaka ACE 90. Had a license plate and a chrome fenders and the famous chrome toaster tank. I rode this bike for couple of years and traded up to a Hodaka SuperRat. Loved that bike and it hooked me on dirt bikes forever. Love my 00 WR almost as much. :)


Proud Member of Racers Under the Son (www.ruts.org)& District 37 Desert

98.5 Dodge 2500 24v Cummins 4x4

00 Yamaha WR400

99 Yamaha PW80

99 Terry Fifth Wheel

My first was 73 Honda Z50,brand new $400 otd.

Wish I still had it.Used to race all the QA50's.Next a Honda 1977 TL125 trials bike.Weirdest thing owned.Then got serious and got a 78 Suzuki RM125,what a rocket!Then a well used 82 CR 250. Took 10 years off playing on street bikes and boats,before the bug got me again and got 98 WR400F.



98 wr400f

y2k Kodiak

y2k tt-r125

99 Suzuki sv650

y2k Donzi 27

Originally posted by Desertbob:

At 12yo my first bike was a new Hodaka ACE 90. Had a license plate and a chrome fenders and the famous chrome toaster tank. I rode this bike for couple of years and traded up to a Hodaka SuperRat. Loved that bike and it hooked me on dirt bikes forever. Love my 00 WR almost as much. :)

My first bike was a 1987 Yamaha XT350. I got it last Friday. So far I love it!!!

Holy 11 year old thread batman!

My first bike was a 1974 RM125.

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