who got their 2001 yz426

just wondering why some of you have your new bike and i dont. do they start shipping from the west coast then head east?

tell me tell me i need to know

I got mine last Tuesday, some other dealers in NJ got them 2 weeks ago. I was told that they wouldnt be in until Nov. By the way....this bike kicks ass! I had a chance to open it up (5th pinned) after break in, and this thing keeps making steady power all the way to the end!


I just got mine today! WOO HOO!!

Bought it in orange county(I am from San Diego) It was the best deal I could find,

$6200 OTD.

Glamis here I come!!


Don't know for sure?

Got mine in AZ last week.


i see. they start at both coasts and work there way inland

I got mine last Tuesday, broke it in on Wed and Thurs evenings. I live in KC Mo. The last bike I had was in 98' and it was a 93 cr250. This 426 is mean, I got to ride with two guys 99 kx250 and 93 cr250, in some north Missouri farm country. This blue beast will eat up some two strokes. I read all the magazines and heard the harder you ride it the better is handles.. well that one is true, true, true. Get em broke and grab a hand full, it is rewarding. Good luck to all the new blue bike owners. jason

I got my 2001 on 10-20-00. Its a bad bad machine. I live in south east Texas.

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