426 more intensive maintenance than 450?


I´m looking for a street motard bike just for fun after work. (50-60 miles per week). Choose 426 or 450. Don´t mind starter, just looking for shorter periods of maintenance and reliability. Which one do you choose?


edit: Also looking a 520exc...

Either one will be fine. I had a 400 and now have a 450. The 450 is much easier to start even with out the e start. The maintenance is no different although my E start has given me trouble on the 450.

They are basically the same bike with a different displacement.

Steel frame versions anyway.

There is pretty much nothing in it.

A hell of a lot less maintenance than on a KTM.

Either way a fun ride, just get the best 1 you can find with your funds.:banghead:

Thanks Rich :banghead:

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