2006- 2007 exhaust cam

I have a 2006 and runs great. My sons is 2007. It doesnt run near as good. Ive heard if you put the 2006 exhaust cam in it will run better. Any thoughts on this? I did a search and didnt come up with anything

The 07 bike cam, i think is better than most 06's that i have ridden . 06's have more bottom end, But out of all the the 06,07,08,09's i personally like the 07 power,throttle, hp. combo and it has nothing to do with because i own one.

If your getting poor performance , have you checked your 07 valves?

Depends on what you want. The '06 cams is slightly more advanced, and produces more low end, but doesn't pull quite as hard on top. Other factors are the timing maps, which are also different, and the OEM exhausts. Both affect the differences in their character.

Yes on valves. Both bikes have same everything. I rode the 07 and it just doesnt have it like the 06

both have FMF mega bombs and 4.1s. Same gearing also. different handlebars!!! LOL The 07 feels like a 250 to me.

My son wants his to have more bottom pull like the 06

The intake cam is different, too, BTW.

Has anybody tried just the exh cam?

I believe so. Some were pleased, others expected more than they got.

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