'10 450f Footpeg Questions

First, has anyone noticed that the stock pegs seem to have a significant rise to them (they are not level or close to level)? This really bothers me. The rise is more than on any other bike I've owned. Look at the bike from behind and see how much the pegs rise up from the mount to the outer edges.

Second, do '09 pegs fit the '10? Do other bike brands fit on the Yami's (ie: Kawi, Honda, Suz, etc)??

Thanks for your insight...

I noticed what you're talking about but I've seen the same thing on my Hondas. You will get used to the pegs. They are tilted to keep your feet on the bike. Trust me you will get used to it. You will notice when you're banging thru choppy terrain.

My lightspeed pegs on my 08 are tapered like you suggest and I love it!

You can take off the stock pegs and grind down the stop where the peg contacts the peg mounts to level them out if you want. I suggest giving it a try for a couple rides the taper really helps when transitioning into different directions.

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