throttle stickin, and over heating

hi all i have a wr 400 00 model, i have 2 problems probley both simple solutions but could do with your help.

1st 1 is im riding along and i let me throttle off and it seems to be sticking a little only very slightly, i no it has had a new cable on it, could it possibly be stuck or twisted somewhere? or would it be the possibility that the rubber grip is sticking against the twist part on the throttle? may be something different

And my 2nd problem is a bit worse, i was on a short ride yesterday and i could smell the exhaust getting really hot, i pulled upto some traffic lights and it just cut out for no reason, i left it for a little while and it started again no problems, i have checked all my oil and coolent levels there all on max, what do you suggest it could be?

all help required and grateful many thanx

you might blow out your radiators... to get out all the debri in the fins... or possibly check out your thermostat

I'd removed the carb and check the vacuum release plate for cracks

As for the throttle, see if "push" cable (4 strokes work on a push-pull cable setup) is properly seated and has no slack.

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