throttle cable problem

hi all i made a post earlier about my throttle sticking a litttle

i have now traced the problem to the cable itself it has 2 parts accelerate and return, the return cable is not connected, it seems to small,

is it possible it has the wrong cable on i seem to think its a 98-99 cable

my bike is a 00 wr 400

im wondering is there difference in cables?

Yeah, they're more than likely different cables.

The Yamaha part numbers are different.

Aftermarket Motion Pro part numbers are different.

The carburetors between the 1999 WR-400F and 2000 WR-400F are different.

If it helps here's a pic of my 99 WR


It looks like the cable is broken from the pic especially if you are talking about the bottom cable from the pic. Post a better picture from a different angle.

Not a great pic, true. Thats just grease on the assy making it look screwy. Not broken. For the OP-wr-400, here's a better pic of my old 99 cable ends to see if yours is wrong by comparison. Hope it helps



Dear Friend... I also have a 2000 wr 400 and i have replaced multiple cables through my years of rough riding... My return cable was always the one that snapped also... I think its a smaller cable... to solve it i left just a little slack in my return cable... and frequently lube my cables with lithium... it doesnt return as quickly but i think it took alot of stress of of the smaller cable

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