K&N air filter anyone???

Anyone using the k&n air filter on their bikes? anyone heard anything about them or have any opinions? Are they any good? i need to buy a new air filter so just looking for advice! Thanks!!

do any search about k&n filter - you will find that there is a ton of info - all bad

they are no good - let all kinds of fine dirt into your motor - look at one you can see through it !!

I had one on an xr for one ride - then threw it away after i saw the inside of air boot to carb

all sparkley with fine dust particles - they may flow more air - but at a price !!

I second kg-fabricating's observation. K&N filters are fine if you regularly rebuild your engine.

They may work on the street(if there is no dust)K+N worthless

The K&N is junk get a twinair powerflo filter or a notoil with the high flo filter cage. :banghead:

Do yourself a favor and stick with a quality product like twin air. Even Moose racing makes a better quality product than K&N........

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