Aftermarket Suspension Talk

The WR450F is a fantastic machine in a wide variety of off-road situations. The versatility of the bike is one of it's greatest features. I am able to race motocross on the weekends. During the weekdays, I get to do some slow speed single track and fast trail riding. While the stock suspension is in the ball park for these situations, it is far from ideal.

I was hoping to get first hand information from riders who have had their suspensions sent off for revalving and other adjustments meant to set the bike up for their weights and riding styles. I was hoping to get personal experience information on some of the more well known aftermarket companies such as: Pro-circuit, RG3, Too Tech, Race Tech and so forth. How good was their customer service and how good was the end result. Thanks in advance for the responses.

I had my WR400 fitted with Race Tech for my size and riding style. A local Race Tech certified shop did the work for me. It made a huge difference. Anyone, with stock set ups, who rides my bike raves about the difference. I weigh any where from 155 to 160 and went lighter on the springs along with the gold valves. I 95% trail ride, and the handling at speed was worth it alone. And I get more responsive range with different setups.

I also have racetech and I'm very happy with it, like Dougie said... :)

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