Pull the airbox baffle or the whole lid???

Do I want to pull out the airbox baffle or the entire lid on my 2001 WR426? Can I expect a gain in performance? Thanks for the info in advance, ride hard and safe!



I just went thru the same ordeal. I pulled the whole lid but couldn't get the jetting just right. I was getting lots of mud and water on the air cleaner with the lid off. I put the lid back on and removed the baffle. I'm using the stock needle on position 5 from the top, 168 main jet, and fuel screw 2.5 turns out. This is with the stock exhaust with baffle removed. The bike runs great now. Very linear power with no glitches, excellent low end, and clean filter. With almost 50 hp stock, how much more could you want :) I'm on a DRZ400 and that WR is more than a handfull. If you want my opinion I would put my effort into getting the bike running clean and not worry about adding power.


I pulled one, then the other on my 2001 and 2002. It's a lot louder (deeper)with both pulled, but the performance is much better. Not a good idea for wet conditions though.


2001, 2002 and now the new and improved WR2003.

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