03 starter gear upgrade question

I have been reading a ton of posts on here about the 03 starter gear upgrade, but have one question. I read an article that referred to an upgrade performed by the dealer, but it didn't detail what was done. They said you would know the upgrade was done on the bike because the dealer would put a punch mark above the VIN. My bike has this punch mark, but the starter gear cover is the 03 one(flat with chamfer edge). Does anyone know what this upgrade was? Is it sufficient, or do I need to do the full upgrade to the 04 gear? Thanks. BTW, I took my first ride on this bike today and really liked it. The suspension needs some tuning, but the motor puled really strong. :banghead:

I believe the dealer "upgrade" was to loctite the flywheel to the shaft and use a higher torque. In reality, they didn't fix anything by doing this because that wasn't the problem. If you want peace of mind, the only fix is to upgrade to the 04 torque limiter.

Here's the how-to link ->http://www.wr450.com/photos/starter_mod/originals/index.htm

bg10459 is correct. Go to the link that follows and you will learn all there is to know about the history of the woodruff key problem with the 03 WR's. In addition, read my instructions for a 10 minute replacement of the idler assy. Also, in my parts list, I did forget to include the Idler Cover Gasket. You will need one if you ruin your old one taking it off. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=303319

Thanks guys, I did search and find the links above, but just wanted to see what the dealer fix was before I ordered up the parts. Seems like a simple and somewhat inexpensive fix for the piece of mind. Ordering up the parts right now.

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