WR400 wiring prob. pic

Would someone be so kind as to post a pic of their stock wiring under their seat? Mine was hacked when I got it and have no reference to fix the problem. I would like to make my tail light work again. I checked the wiring diagram and was confused that the brake light wiring harness had 2 wires, but the bike has 3. Below is a pic of what mine looks like. TIA


Blue is tail light.

black is earth.

yellow would be brake light.

The other 2 black wires leading to the right of the bike should go to a brake light switch.

So if you plug in the blue and black wires you should have a tail light. check the bulb aswell, it should have 2 filaments.

I checked the bulb and it is dual filament. I must be missing some kind of junction wire to bring 2 wires into one because I have 3 wires coming from the tail light and 4 wires on the bike side.

Thats right. Easy to make one.

I suppose so, but still don't know what to connect to what. Electrical has never been my strong suit. Hence the request for a pic.

Here's my 99. The green and white (going left and down) go to pressure switch at the rear brake. Ignore the 3 fuse holders-their for the horn and other stuff.


Thank you so much for taking the time to post the pic! That helps a bunch. Cheers!



And thank you for the wiring diagram. Thanks for responding guys.

Most of the time whoever installs the break switch will splice another wire of the blue wire. It looks like your blue wire has had some elec tape added. Follow the wire farther back to see if there is another wire spliced onto it. If not then pull back that elec tape to see if the extra wire was covered up at some point.


Good point, thanks Pablo.

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