Rear fender with lic, plate shakes and vibirates.

I put a YZ rear fender on my WR450, I mounted a UFO tail light under it like a KTM'S. With the license plate attached it shakes and vibirates so bad I'am afraid it will crack. Any one got any ideas how brace it up?

Ive got a ufo (KTM) tailight under my yz fender and it is still going strong after 1 year. It eats tailight bulbs but other than that it has worked great. I havent really noticed if it vibrated execessivly or not. never really paid attention to it.

After losing 2 plates and sucking the rear fender into the rear tire shooting the tail light into orbit I got one of these.

check out the sub frame extension

The $125 price is in Austrailian Dollars. With the exchange rate and shipping is should be a bunch less than that. I ordered directly from B&B and talked with Wendy. Shipping was no problem.

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