lowering link

Q? any one has a lowering link laying around that would fit my 09wr450? buying and setting up the wr leaves me two choices get a good used yamalink or fork out the noney for a newone and one more expense. getting big gas tank today and handgards.thanks in advance PACO


Just a heads up, if your suspension sag is setup now, the lowering link will grossly change that. We had to go up 3 sizes on my rear spring, to get sag numbers right again.

I have an 08 WR450F and installed the Yamalink last week. Very glad I did. I can now swing my leg over the bike easily and can almost stand flatfooted on the bike. Got a Racetech 5.8 rear spring, installed everything myself in about 2 hours. Great how to videos on Youtube for shck removal and installation of new spring. Sag was 7/8 of an inch out after installation. Adjusted this to 4 inches and then checked my static sag, perfect at 1 inch. Spend the bucks and go for the link.

I removed the lowering link from my '06 WR450 when I purchased it. Not sure if it's compatible with the '09, but if you find that is... make me an offer.

bought a yamalink and a guts racing soft seat foam (59$). the seat was sooo soft I did not need the link and yamalinks EXCELLENT customer service let me return it no problem.  If you only need an inch or two try the soft seat foam first so you dont wind up spending on new springs. The soft foam is like a leather sofa, your booty sinks way deep.

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