We rode Thursday night... while it was smowing, had a lot of fun mind you. I rode my buddies 2003 YZ250 ringtingtingting thing and HATED IT! The power was SO unpredictable for the mountains for me. I either had to lug with minimal power or keep it to the tits on revs. I would come out of a corner, nail it, it would catch the power band, lift the front wheel and steer me into the brush. On the 4-stroke I lay into it anytime I want and it is as smooth as a babies butt... not to mention the lack of compression braking riding the 2-smoke. How the heck do the FAST 2-stroke riders do it? I ride with Brad McNew occasionally, he rides a 2-smoke and he is spooky fast... on a kx250! I guess if I rode 9-10 THOUSAND miles a year I would get used to it and ride fast to huh? Is the weight difference between the 2 and 4 strokes the reason some fast riders chose the 2-smoke? I'll keep on thumpin'.


Flywheel weight added can help make the 2 smokes more tractable. They are never going to be like the 4 strokes. I think the 4 strokes are superior in slippery conditions! :)

Unfortunately, all the Japanese two-strokes are designged strictly for motocross and they take some work to get them to perform well in the woods and trails. Suspension revalve, added flywheel weight, larger tank, skid plate, hand guards etc. But even after all that, you still get a close ratio mx tranny, that is too tall for the tight stuff if you gear up, and too slow for the wide-open stuff if you gear down. Personally, I still love my WR250 two stroke. I wish Yamaha still made it. I'd buy another one in a heart beat. The YZ is probably the best place to start, but as you said, it has its shortcomings for the woods. I've been sorely tempted to switch to one of the new 4-strokes (narrowed down to the WR450 and the EXC525) and I've ridden all the offerings, but honestly, although there's some things I love about the new strokers (gobs of meaty midrange power, modern ergos, flat seat thin tank etc.) I still like the lighter feeling, sharper turning, quicker revving, no engine braking, feel of my WR better. I just wish it was all new. I guess it's what you're used to. And besides, I'd still need to do quite a bit of set up to get either one desert/woods ready, and as sweet handling as the old black dubya are. :)

KRob, is your WR250 similar to this limited edition WR250YZ(in 'enduro comp'), street legal and race ready enduro, actually sold in Australia?!

Hey that looks pretty cool. Thanks for the link. No, my bike doesn't look like that too much. Same idea though. I'll post a pic shortly.

If it had the wide ratio tranny (it doesn't) I'd be trying to figure out how to get one from Australia now. Dirt Rider tested a Canadian WR250 two-stroke a couple years ago, but I haven't heard anything lately. Do you know if one is available? I have the last model released in the states.

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