UH OH! Extra Parts?

Hi All,

I'm in the process of a total rebuild on a 98 WR400. I have the cases split and just took them and the right side cover to a machine shop to be cleaned.

Here is the problem: when he gave me back the case halves he gave me a small ball that might have come from somewhere in the cases. It is a steel ball about 1/4'', I'm not sure if it is from my case or something that was left over in his cleaning tank.

Is there a check valve ball somwhere? Oil pump?

Also, during re-assembly can/should I use any special assembly lube?

Thanks, I'm sure I'll be looking for more advise as I go.

Clutch ???

It sounds like the ball bearing that's at the end of the clutch push rod. Check a manual.

Assembly grease should be used.

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look at the inside of the right side outer case...it memory serves correct, there is a check ball pressed into a boss formed into the outer case (i think there should be a seal here also) below the area where the oil filter would go. not sure, but there may be two of these mount in outer case.


Thanks that is it.

BAHeron- I have some assebly lube that contains graphite from a car motor rebuild is theere any reason not to use this?


glad you found where the ball goes.

Someone might say this is wrong, but I've never used any assembly lube in any motor which shares is oil between the engine and the trans/clutch.

Always seemed to me to be a good way to contaminate the fiber plates and promote slippage if it were to "bite into" the plate and glaze them over. Just my $.02

I agree with usp4u - if using a lube - just use the same oil you will be putting into the engine once it is zipped up.


I just got all brand new bearings yesterday. I will start to reassemble the motor in a few days. Can't wait!

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