Stripped Leak Jet....Damn

Well, I am cleaning up the bike,('05 WR450) pretty much stripped down, going to grease it all up....pulled off the carb to clean it up, remembered that going from a stock #50 leak jet to a #40 will possibly help with the bog issue........well when I went to remove the leak jet from the bottom of the carb it stripped beyond the ability to get it out.:ride: (pretty soft metal)

Advise needed. Can I drill the whole thing out then possibly run one of those new Quickshot 3 that has the "dial up leak jetting" ? Or will I destroy it beyond repair and need to find another carb bottom or (please no) :bonk: have to get a whole new carb?

Any advise would be appreciated. :banghead:

PS. Did a search but found nothing....maybe I'm the first goob to do this?

I'd put on a R&D power bowl which has the adj Leak included.

Drill the leak jet just a little, just enough to tap a torx driver into the jet. Replacement float bowl is a lot of money to spend to resolve. I'd only consider it as a last resort. If I have to buy a float bowl for a steel framed bike, I'd buy an oem used one. Leak jets on these bikes are easy to do with the carb still on the bike. Sve the $100 to $200 for something really worthwhile.

Most of the add on AP cover/adjustable leak jets require you to plug the existing leak jet (usually with a small Allen set screw) so a ALJ cover would require you to plug it with solder, not easy when the entire bowl acts like a heat siink. So if you want the bling of an ALJ on your '05, the entire R&D bowl may be what you need. But I'd try to get the existing one out first and save the green.

Where can I buy a leak jet? I did the exact same thing but have already drilled out the jet. Problem for me is where to actually buy just the jet. Bike bandit had no clue what I was talking about and rocky mt. sent me a pilot jet.

Take a look at the online parts fiche or visit your local dealer (or any dirt bike dealer) as nealry all mx bikes use the same FCR.


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