Rear Shock Removal?

I just ordered stiffer springs for my forks and shock. How hard is it to remove the shock from the bike? I have had the bottom part of the linkage off to lube it. Will the shock slide out once the top bolt is removed? Do I have to remove the sub frame or air box?

I am pretty sure that you have to remove the subframe.

I have done it twice now. Second time it takes about 20 minutes to remove and 40 minutes to install.

Remove the seat and tank.

Remove the exhaust tail section.

loosen and remvoe the back carb boot clamp

loosen the two lower subframe bolts

remove the mud flap to get it out of the way

remove the bottom shock bolt

remove the top subframe bolt

You can now rotate the subframe back and down and remove the top shock bolt and get the shock out throught the right side without completlely removing the subframe.

My wife gives me a little help holding the rear subframe for about 30seconds while I pull the shock. I then just rotate the subframe back inplace and sick in the top subframe bold to hold everthing in place while the shock is out getting serviced.

30 seconds is my wife's limit for garage time any longer and she starts yawning and bitch*** etc. So I know it does not take long to get it out once the prep is done.

Reverse the procedure to get everything back in place.

My bike being dual sported has alot of wires going to the airbox (battery / regulator, etc) and to the rear turn signals / tail / brake /liscense plate lights etc. so completely removing the subframe is a real pain in the arsh. So I do it as described above.

In may have mised something but you get the idea.


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seat & tank off, subframe prised open having renmoved the tailpipe. airbox away from carb. unbolt the shock & up she comes! da-da!


What are you guys talking about?! You don't have to remove the tank to remove the shock.

I haven’t ever tried removing the shock with the subframe still on there, but it may work if you disconnect the pull rod from the frame, then pull the shock out from under the swingarm.

Watch the two black rubber plugs that sit on the inside rim of the “hole” in the arm where the shock passes through, I’ve yet to get the shock off without taking one or both of these with it. I use a dab of contact cement on them when I reinstall to keep them from falling out again.

Hope this helps.

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