Stupid Black Clutch Covers!

it will still come off....takes a little longer but mud/sand/dirt being rubbed with pressure from your boot is going to take it off just like the stock..been there done that ...thats why i just blast the paint off the clutch and stator covers and go with the bare look to match the cases....

bead blast it and leave it natural color.

That's what I've always done. Just touch up with an SOS pad and looks great.

Man, In MHO cases tell the tell of how much you ride. If you wanta look like a beginner at every rider meeting, then have fresh looking cases. If you want to look like a ragged vet that can spank the pants off the local talent NO MATTER WHAT, let them show their wear! Keep the rest of the bike clean and tip top, but let those Alpinestars rub that case raw!

I agree with Brawg...... (except I wear SIDI) Funny, I just posted on another thread how tired all my cosmetic stuff looks after about a yr........ I could spend a little cash on some platics/covers etc I guess, but it seems I always need tires, gas, entry fees, ..... If all is right in the universe all they see is my slightly crooked rear fender. lol :ride:

I have the GYTR clutch cover and it makes the whole bike. Holds up well and increases oil capasity. But I am a quad rider crossover so what do I know??

... the GYTR clutch cover ... increases oil capasity.
Not true. Since the oil in the YZF is not stored in the crankcases, you could double the volume of the sump without having any effect on the oil capacity.

The primary virtue of that cover is increased resistance to being broken in a crash.

I guess i'm a bit biased being a "woods" guy. You motocrossers out there are lucky that roots, trees, rocks, briars, thorns, ice, boulders, etc dont have anything personal against your shiny anodized parts. I always want to take moto crossers riding so they can overheat their bikes and scratch the plastic. I love how all the pretty makes the machines look sexy, but "bang for the buck" doesnt play well in the rocks

All that said, i'm amidst a complete frame off powdercoat project on the Four Fifty! I'll be sure to post the results so you all can laugh at me! It seems powdercoating things or customizing anything really brings the lovers and haters out of the wood works. I actually bead blasted a bunch of stuff today so it will look shiny when i assemble it...all the chasis bearings seals should be in this weekend so i can start back together with my racing partner(yz).

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