Tank Range

Just bought an 01 YZ426 and am doing a little spring prep. Let me start by saying that I know there are a ton of variables in play here (riding style, speed, tuning, etc...) but, what are people getting for ride time on a tank of gas. I will be trail riding exclusively and am trying to determine if the IMS tank will be necessary.

About 25 miles per tank on my '09, doing technical trail riding.

You can generally figure on roughly 20-25 mpg.

about 30-50 miles on a stock tank and about 80-100 on my 3.1 gallon. Thats with mixed riding. Some trails and some open desert.

I've just bought an 02 426 with a large tank on it:


I don't think it's as pretty as the standard tank, but it's great for that extra bit of confidence out in the desert around here. Two hours is very doable before hitting reserve. (No idea how many miles that is. Depends how many times I have to push myself out of sandtraps!).

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nice looking bike ..i kinda like the look of that big tank

Heres a pic of mine with the desert tank.


About 40 miles per tank.

nice looking bike ..i kinda like the look of that big tank

Yeah, but what about the plant pot?

Thanks - only just acquired her in exchange for a load of guitar bits and pieces! (one of the conditions of getting her was to swap some other toys first....). She's great out on the dunes.

Heres a pic of mine with the desert tank.


Very cool. Looks high and tight.

stock tank on my '07, and I carry a .5 liter bottle too. I have gotten as much as low 60's in technical trail riding.

I get about 40 miles with my 2000 yz426. sometimes little more roads.mostly trail ridden

Based on GPS and accurate calculations, I got 20.5 miles per gallon, riding all whoops and sand washes, on a stock '09. I would imagine that nothing would burn more gas than that type of riding, except full-throttle roads. BTW, I rode at a fast-Amateur-desert pace.

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