Whibley to race WR450F in GNCC

The champ has been hired to pilot big blue in the highly competitive GNCC XC1 class. Granted their WR's are a tad different than ours, but it's always fun to watch and listen to the Yamahas being chased or chasing the lighter (in the production form) bikes.


I bet they get a lot of support and contingency to pilot the WRF in the off-road series...

He said in an interview that they will "start the year on WR's, then switch to the YZ once they get the new bike figured out".

So I don't consider that a real positive endorsement of our beloved WR450F. But hey, at least he is on a Yamaha and might win a few races on it before they ditch it.

That's kinda like saying "I'll date you NOW, but when your hot sister comes home from vacation, well, what's her cell phone number?"

It is understandable considering how competitive the XC1 class is.

Maybe they will leave on the headlight shell and let us pretend it's a WR....

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