Funky oil drain threads

I was changing the oil on my 06 yz450 the other night and when I was removing the bottom drain bolt (the one by the right footpeg), the bolt felt kind of notchy coming out. Almost as if the threads were buggered up a little, if you know what I mean. I change the oil EVERY ride with full synthetic oil and replace the oil filter every 3 rides, so I'm pretty confident that i dont have a ton of metal/debris/clutch fibers floating around my oil causing the weird feeling oil drain hole threads. My question is, does this sound like my oil drain hole threads are on the verge of stripping out?? How can I prevent that from happening? I know this sounds crazy, but would it help to change my oil less frequently, to prevent any further damage to the threads (if it is damage at all)?


Hey, I also have an 06 with the exact same issue, you must change your oil like a fanatic, thats my problem. Yes the threads are pulling,you may want to look carefully and determine if there is a significant amount of the threads left on the inside of the crankcase, you may be able to see them, if there are, you can use a set of hemo's to get the rest out. I believe that the perfect solution would be to drill and tap a larger hole or utilize a helicoil. What I do for the moment is utilize some Yamabond and not overtighten the fastner upon re installation, not perfect fix but it has been working just fine, must properly degrease drain bolt and crankcase prior to installation though.

Best of luck.

Use a timesert instead of a helicoil if you decide to repair it

Use a timesert instead of a helicoil if you decide to repair it

amen to that, the Timesert is much better and even better yet the problem will go away forever....the drain passage hole that causes all this in the first place will be covered up....wa la :banghead:

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