01 426 at Glamis

After waiting ALL week for the weekend,I finnally got to try out my new 01 YZF 426 at Glamis this past weekend.

Did a couple of things to it first,new bars,O-ring chain and a 8 paddle tire.

My last bike was a basically a stock 97 CR 500

with a paddle tire and silencer. It had great power for the dunes,but for my size,it just felt to big and didn't handle that well.

Friend of mine made me an offer on it that I couldn't refuse,so I sold it and got the 426.

The only other bike I was considering was the KTM 380sx which are not available yet,but I had already ridden my brothers 00 426 and really like it.

Likes:great power! not sure if it's faster than my brothers 00 426 but it sure felt like it. I was really impressed with it. Friend of mine has a CR 500 and racing up the big hills,we were usually even or he would only get my by a bike length.

My 01 426 has a great wide powerband,the low end isn't as strong as my 500 was but it was close. Much better than any 250 i've ridden.

I can't say enough about the powerband on this four stroke,it really is fast and impressive.

Dislikes:It handled like Sh%t!! The suspension was WAY to stiff,although it went over the whoops alright,it beat the hell out of me. The front end didn't track well at all,I crashed five times,OOPS! Actually I slid out five times because the front tire had a hard time sticking.(maybe I can't ride)

Granted I didn't touch the suspension at all,didn't mess with the sag or anything,figured I would break the suspension in and mess with it on my next trip,but I have a feeling that a re-valve is in order if I want plusher suspension.

I am very happy with the 426,glad I didn't get the KTM 380.


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