06 WR450 - Dim headlight when reving

Ok, I've used the search button, and I only found one thread similar to mine. However, that thread didn't have anything past the initial post :bonk:

I'm going to hope that this thread will get some useful answers because I'll have a video. Everyone likes videos right :banghead:

The Bike: 2006 WR450

Relative Mods to problem: Baja Designs wiring kit

The problem:

At idle, the headlight shines brightly.

At any RPM above idle, the light goes dim, and decreases luminosity factor further with ever increasing RPM.

Video illustrating problem:

Does anyone have any thoughts? I'm completely at a loss. :ride:

Hey Rellik,

If it has the full Baja Designs kit? i would call them because it will have their Voltage Regulator. I've heard of other kits that use the original OEM Voltage Regulator? but have no clue. Take a pick of the voltage regulator and send it to my work or post a pic here, most of these guys here on TT know what they are talking about. If i'm right, it's the little silver metal box located on the upper part of the frame at the neck on the left side, just in front of the tank.


From what I understand, it's the full kit. Also, from what I've gathered, it's a first generation kit, meaning it has the FET switch.

I replaced the burnt out rear tail light and fired the bike up. Now both lights dim when revving. Go figure. :banghead:

Below is the regulator you requested.


Did you figure this one out? I bought a bike used with this kit on it an it's having the same issue.

I have the same problem, so I am also very interested in finding the issue.

Not specific to Baja kit, but this would point to a knackered Reg/rec

Have had same issue on other bikes which turned out to be this


as a side check, make sure you have a good contact between battery -ve and the frame

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