Fork removel

I was wondering what is the best way to remove the forks.

Read your manual , get the bike on a suitable stand that keeps the front wheel off the ground , and keep in mind the rear tire is going to rest on the floor after you remove the weight from the front of the bike. Now assuming this is a YZ400 426 450 because you didnt give details , get the front wheel off and lower fork guards. Thats the best start; no matter; what read the manual .

Thanks, the bike is a 2009 yz450

Remove front tire, remove brake caliper and loosen fork pinch bolts on the triple clamps. Slide forks down. Pretty easy actually, had mine out and broken down last night in about twenty minutes

Why are you removing forks? If you are adjusting to help steering agle, just pinch bolts, if repacing seals, you will need a few more tools including the seal insert tool, fluid measuring tool, etc. Best thing to do when removing forks is to re-grease check your sterring head bearing and adjust play. Biggest thing guys don't do regularly, especially when using a pressure washer to clean after riding.

I am going to put seal savers on

Thanks alot for the help, easier than I thought

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