I have not picked my bike up yet because I get the next one that comes in. I was wondering if the 01s jetting was fixed or do you have to still dail it in. Does it still have a stumble off the bottom? Please let me know and i can be prepared when it gets here.

I did not mess with any jetting on mine, it runs great from the bottom to the top. No stumble at any rpm, it just rips.


My 01 is just fine. I changed the oil this past week after break in (lots of shavings and a pain in the ass to get the oil strainer off)and rode it Sat. and Sun with no problems. I did have (1) backfire or pop when I pulled the hot start button and tried to start it after about an hour of hard riding. I havent experienced the "stumble", and all in all Im happy with the way the bike was set up stock. I drag raced my buddy who has a '98 Rm250 about 10 times and crushed him every time. I couldnt stop laughing, the bike was worth every penny! Im 225 lbs and he's 180lbs, the 426 is really a beast!

i guess im the odd man out! my 01 yz seams really lean, i ride in the woods mostly at about 1000ft and it stalls really easy,sometimes on a 1/4 throttle roll on on a hill it will just flameout! but hey theres no hessitation at all! and it really rips in the open i just have to make it work in the woods too. ive turned the air screw out to 2 turns and im getting ready to try some jetting.

What does the manual say is the stock jetting for the '01 426?




168 MAIN




did they fix the clutch problems for 2001'? I have a 2001' YZ426 that will be here Friday! And im getting excited and trying to figure out what to do lol! I guess they fixed the carb problem i ride at sea level in houston TX if that helps. Thanks

the clutch is supposed to be fixed, i ead it in one magazine i think it was dirt bike, make sure you change the oil soon mine was clean after 1/2 hour and silver after 2! and the forks were real stiff at first but oh what a powerhouse!

No problems with mine either. I turned up the idle slightly and it works great. I'm having big fun getting use to 4-stroke riding as I'm still brake sliding and dumping the clutch in tight loamy corners but it seems to react great to this! Not sure if this is the proper technique or not, but I'm still in fear of STALLING the beast.


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