2010 YZF, Toolbox?

Hi everyone

I will buy a new 2010 YZF450 in 2 weeks :banghead:

But I'm completely new to Yamaha, only used to ride Kawas 250F in the past.

My question now: What tools i need in my toolbox to do all regular trackside service and maintenance/adjustements?

for example:

-Airfilter change

-Oilfilter and Oil change

-Plastic replacement (in case of a crash...)

-Handlebar/Lever Adjustements

-Wheel/Tire change

-Chain adjustements (with the rear-axle)

-something else...?

As i said, i'm used to do these jobs on a kawasaki, but i've no idea what kind of bolts, nuts etc yamaha is using.

Has anyone some tips/lists for me? Any special tools not to forget? Any musthave-spareparts specially for this bike?

Thank you all!



Bolts should be the same as the Kawi. 8mm and 10mm for most plastic bolts however they say the drain bolts for the oil tank and the crankcase are both 8mm instead of the 8mm-10mm combo.

Oil filter bolt will more than likely be an 8mm and the bolts for the handle bar adjustment probably be a 10mm and the levers likely an 8mm and 10mm.

chain adjustment probably be 10mm and 12mm, axel bolt I think is 19mm

Might need a ring nut wrench for steering head or just a 32mm socket when regreasing the steering head bearings.

5mm allen also as they use that for some of the plastics. Front axle nut is the same as previous yz's though I don't remeber the size and the rear nut is the same as 09's. I am sure someone will chime in with the axle nut sizes

Plastics and seat=8 and 10mm along with a 5mm allen

Oil filter=8mm

Drain plugs=12mm

Chain Adjusters=10 and 12mm

Front axle:22mm

Rear axle:32mm

Front axle:22mm

Rear axle:32mm

Rear axle on the 2010 is a 30mm nut.

thank you, all informative answers!

anything not to forget?

My problem: I doens't have the bike yet to inspect by myself, but has to plan a trip to get the bike and ride it some weeks right after. Means i have to pack the right tools with me.

Thank you all!

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