scotts stabilizer questions?

thanks for the advice that sounds like a plan, now for payday to get here. What would be the difference in handling between offsets?

  • It's my opinion, and a general consensus, that the YZ450 handles better when you sit farther forward. Choosing the forward of two mounting positions will bring you more naturally forward with any given handlebar.
  • I have always found that the bars on YZF's tend to feel uncomfortably too far rearward when in a standing position unless a bar like the Windham is used (that bend moves the grips forward, as do many of the taller bends). Mounting the bars forward will address this and allow you to stand in a more upright/centered position over the pegs with your arms more relaxed more of the time.
  • When handlebars are too far rearward, they can be rotated forward. When they are too far forward, they can be rotated back. Rotating forward tends to tilt the grips up like cow's horns, and gives them a goofy look and a difficult to control feel. Rotating them back makes the grips turn down at an angle that is much more natural feeling than the upturn you get from rotating forward, so it's better, IMO, to err in that direction.

thanks I think that will probably work for as I tend to continually have to force myself to sit forward and its a tad cramped with my current setup

If you feel cramped, why don't you look into the submount which raises the bar a bit?

If you feel cramped, why don't you look into the submount which raises the bar a bit?

I meant more by the bar bend and stock triple clamps. But I may look at that. I also have CR high bend coming with the PC triple tree

The SUB mount raises the bar position by a full inch (25mm), which is a bit more than a bit. Since you've got CR High's coming, I'd forget the SUB option unless you want to revert to your current bars and ask Scotts to move them forward on the SUB mount 15mm or so.

Then again, some guys like really high bars. :banghead:

Yeah, def too much raise if you use the high bars also...I guess you're committed if it's already on the way...The submount would've allowed you to use the stock bars, with close to the same effect/height as the high bars...

yeah was just lookin at the sub mount. Bars are already ordered, I think this setup will be good. Now I just gotta keep my fingers crossed they have a bar mount to fit it and if they do it might be in only one of the bar positions but thats fine, less descisions I gotta make.

The way Scotts works it, they have in stock mounts for 90% of everything made (which is partly because most clamps are made to one of a few standard sets of dimensions), and what they don't have, they simply make to order.

I run the sub mount stabilizer on my 2003 with Scott's own triple clamps. When I purchased my bike someone had already installed a set of higher bend pro-tapers. I switched those out with a low bend protaper bar that also doesn't sweep back very hard, and it ended up being really close to where I was. The Scotts triple clamp is nice, and it lets you run rubber isolated mounts for the handlebars. I have herd that the applied clamps are good for the scotts as well. I'm not sure/dont have experience with any others, but I do know those two are 100% compatable. I purchased my setup through thumper talk with the scotts triple clamps and got a great deal. Still it's around $600 for everything. I had to do very little filing etc, to get everything mounted up. And I can vouch for the effectiveness of the product. To me the scotts is an integral part of the suspension and was probably the best investment in the bike. I know that when I switch bikes the dampner will go on the next one.

The link below is a picture of the bike with that setup. It should be close to yours, I think you'll like it.


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I got my pro-circuit top and bottom clamp and pro taper evo bars last night. I have to say I'm very impressed. Is it worth the money? Hard for me to determine but the rubber inserts, trick look, and maybe a little weight savings will be nice.

I got to take some measurements for scotts and I will keep the post updated in case anyone has the same questions in the future.

Thanks for the link, I don't know if that will fit my PC clamps. My bolt patter is abut 90mm to 38mm. I have to research but I would like to have this if possible.

Just updating this old post for anyone wth similar questions. I just got my scotts unit. The quality exceeds my expectations. They do have a bar clamp to fit the pc triple clamps. The bar clamp bolts will not work with the scott bar clamp since the holes are countersunk, gotta find some stainless allen head bolts thats all. Can't wait to get him installed.

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