03 wr450 parts on an 02 YZ426 frame?

Does anyone know if I can swap a frame from an 02 YZ426 onto my 03 WR450? Was there a major frame change that year?

Sub frame will be different for sure, I cannot speak to the rest of it though.

Good luck!

Primary frame on an 03 is the same, subframe is Aluminum instead of steel but since you can drop an aluminum subframe into an older YZF, it should be the same the other way around. I don't think you will run into many issues except the gas tank mounts - I believe they are slightly offset on an 03 but people have made very simple brackets to fix that.

You'll need the WR subframe, it is different then the YZ subframe. It has to accommodate the battery and the WR's air box. :banghead:

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