Bent Linkage?

I finally decided to check my swingarm linkage after owning this bike(yz426) for 2 years. The last owner had just rebuilt everything before he sold it. I thought I was safe since I only ride a dozen times a year. I found some rusted bearings on the lower shock mount and the swingarm did not move freely and would even hold the weight of the rear tire off the ground! Once I got the linkage apart I found another rusted bearing where the two parts connect. After I got the linkage separated I went to put the bolt back in so I didn't loose anything and it would not go in smooth. I had to pound it out so I guess I know why.



I measured the length of both arms of the U and they were 30 thousands difference. Anyone ever have this problem before???

P.S. I scored an entire linkage with bearings off Ebay for $25

cant say ever had it to happen to me. Almost sounds like the nut had worked off at some point and the bolt came parcially out and bent the connecting rod or stressed it some.

Pretty darn difficult to bend the connecting rod or rocker; usually bearings explode before any bending of metal.

As stated the #1 issue with pivot or bolt holes is improper torque. Then the "fun" begins.

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