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Greetings guys,

I'm obviously new to the BB. Won't bore you all with much about me except to say that I've been into MX/off-road riding since the early 70's. Haven't been involved with it as much as I'd have liked for the last 21 years though. Started out on a Hodaka 125 (some of you probably aren't familiar with that one) and have only owned two other bikes since. 91 CR125 and (ugh!) 83 YZ490!

Just picked up my 00 426! Bought it two months ago and waited til my son's TTR arrived to pick them both up. A few of you will/can appreciate the magnitude of this knowing about the bike I started on. This thing is light years beyond my roots in the sport! I've been reading this forum since the purchase and have to say that alot of the posts were sort of bewildering to me although the negative has seemed to really cool off lately. I haven't had the opportunity to ride the bike yet (chomping at the bit though) cause I'll be going through the usual set-up ritual beforehand.

Half the fun for me. I have alot of plans for the bike and won't bore you with them in this post any more than I have. Will keep you all posted as the come. Lots of interesting posts in here so far though. Keep them coming. I'm new to the area I'm in so if anyone can recommend places to ride

eastern Pa. I'd appreciate it. Later.

Hey Dirtdad - you are in for a real learning experience with your 426.

By the way I have an immaculate '83 YZ490 - so watch what you say. This bike is a prized possession and I have many fond memories of riding it - now it spends more time in the garage, because I have several other bikes to ride - but I really enjoy riding it when I take to to the local mx park.


Boomer, I apologize if I offended you with the comment on the YZ490. I meant no disrespect to current or previous owners. I still own mine! My comment was only a reference to the bikes fame for not having the best manners. When released it was considered one of the best open class bikes of the time. I started out on the Hodaka!

I loved that bike. It was pretty much bullet proof but with 2.5" of very harsh suspension travel, not really anything to brag about. I wish I still had it! I was only making a comparison to where I've been with bikes and where I am now, nothing more.

Yes, I'm in for a learning experience on the 426. Not from a big 4 stroke standpoint but just from a modern bike standpoint. I don't think my 91 CR comes close to where these bikes are at. I've ridden big 4 strokes before but I'm sure this one takes some getting used to. Thanks for the response.

Hey Dirt Dad Welcome i use to race a 1983 It 490 i now have Yz 400 your gona have fun. Rick

Hey Rick, Thanks for the response. I'm also in S.E. Pa. I'm new to the area though having just retired from the Navy and need info on ANYPLACE to ride that's not a half day drive. I want to get my son (12) started riding and won't always have a whole lot of time to get somewhere. Just got him an 01 TTR-125L. Any suggestions? I know this is not the forum for this but any suggestions on places to hunt would also help alot. thanks.

No problemo Dirtdad - I was just joking around - I do still very much like my 490 though.

Good luck with the thumper - it took me three months to get mine sorted out.


Originally posted by boomer:

No problemo Dirtdad - I was just joking around - I do still very much like my 490 though.

Good luck with the thumper - it took me three months to get mine sorted out.


Just a note of advice: Be careful when you start that bad boy. I'm sitting here nursing a broken ankle thanx to the kickstarter kickin back on me. Ive got an '00 426 with barely 2 hrs on it and it's going to be 4 more weeks before I can ride :)

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