09 WR450 Taillight not working..

Hey guys,

ive done a quick search through older posts and cant seem to find any answers, so i thought ill post a new thread.

Just noticed last night my tail light/brake light is not working. I dont believe the LED light could be stuffed already considering i've only had the bike about 5 months and havent really done a massive amount of off road riding on it.

I pulled offf the seat and mad sure all my plugs were connected properly, i even unplugged and plugged them back in. Im not really sure what else to do.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what to do next before going and replacing the whole light.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Brake light? do the 2009 wr450's have brake lights from factory? or did you just add that?

You could try tracing back the wires to whatever they conjoin with and trace the wires to the lamp. The LED's are pretty reliable so good chance it's probably not the lamp.

If you have a multimeter, volt meter, something, 12v fan anything you could disconnect the plugs and test to see if there's fire in the lines.

I just bought a new 2009 WR450 4 weeks ago. My rear light is just a running light. It's not a brake light.

Note the OP's location. WR's are sold street legal Down Under.

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