Wanted to buy 2007 yamaha wr450f frame with clear title

looking for a wrecked 2007 wr450f. I have one this is perfect that the insurance put a salvaged title on it and I would like to change that to a clear non salvaged title.. So it looks like I would need a frame with title matching the VIN humber or I may consider selling this perfect very low miles bike as is To give condition of bike the tits are still on the org tires in most erea's and NO wear on side motor plates from boots. its that nice

Why does it have a salvage title, is the real question. It is either a rebuilt wreck or a flood damaged bike.

I know someone that has a clean titled 08. PM me if you are interested

There's a 07 yz450 frame on ebay for buy-it-now of $399.

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