Grabby Clutch?

My clutch has been, and still is, a little grabby each time I initally engage it. It clears up quickly. I switched to Bel Ray EXS oil and the clutch seems to have improved further and I've been using the stock basket. A hinson is going in very soon. If you are contemplating drilling out more oiling holes in the stock clutch, you might want to reconsider. If I'm not mistaken, enlarging these holes could not only jeopardize the reliability of an already suspect stock basket, but you might alos rob the top end(cams and valve train) from receiving adequate oiling. Pumped fluid will always take the path of least resistance and an increase of oil supply going to the clutch could cause a corresponding decrease to the top end. It's something to research before you take the plunge. Hope this helps. :)

ok ihave had my 00 426 for about 3 months now and the clutch is startin to get really nasty.

i let it warm up for about 8-10 minutes before i ride but when i try to start out in first or second gear the clutch engages to radically i almost stall the bike.

It is very notchy and it doesnt go away anymore after a few laps like it use to!

Has anyone had any success fixing this problem?

I'll get a hinsen basket if i have to but im wonderin if there are any other fixes

i remember readin a post about drilling small holes in the basket fingers, anyone had any success?

Thx Fellas



Keep your stick on the ice!

I replaced mine with a Hinson after only two trips to the track. It is much improved. It's still a little grabby until it warms up (a lap or two) but it's not nearly as bad as the stock basket. The Hinson has slots cut into the fingers that allow more oil to get to plates.

Sorry....had a brain burp. Enlarging the holes in the basket wouldn't cause oil to be robbed from the top end. Modifying the actuating shaft would do that since oil flows around this shaft to the basket and plates.

Just switch to the Hinson and never look back. You probably would be best off by replacing your friction plates too along with the basket. With a stock basket starving these fiber plates for oil, they may have hot spots in them, which would allow them to still be a problem grabbing, even with a Hinson. So, spring for new frictions and a basket, install isn't too too bad. You just have to drill the stock rivet heads off the inside of the basket so they can slide them out of the back of the assembly. Don't worry about damaging the stocker, since it's going to be a Christmas tree ornament anyway. Just don't damage the gear and backing plate on the back of it. This is used on the Hinson, which you will red loctite on once it's cleaned up and free of any metal particles from drilling. I switched to the Hinson after two rides and it's been sweet ever since.

Good luck.

Ok i guess thats the only solution.

switch to the hinson.

I wonder if the ti valves on the 01's could be used on the 00?





Keep your stick on the ice!

Just a short note on the Hinson installation. I put one in tonight and made this observation. For those about to do this, you will NOT need to use the 3 little spacers that are located between the backing plate and the gear from the old basket. The Hinson has these spacers already machined into it's basket. Discard those 3 spacers when you drill out the rivets and they fall out when you separate the backing plate from the gear.

Thx for the post boit



Smitty: As long as the Ti valves are the same dimensions as the 2000, I can't see why they can't be installed retro along with the Ti springs. If you are going to do that, the valves will need to be lapped in. I think if I was going that route, I'd also opt for new valve guides and seals. Are you considering doing this? It's been on my mind as well but I just want to ride for now... :)

up here in canada ridin season is pretty much

over so now its time to get ready for spring,

or a winter trip to florida.

so i thing im gonna check with my local race shop about installing the ti valves, and price the parts.

Ill keep u posted



I just upgraded to the 426 from a '98 400 and am having the same clutch problem. Have talked to a friend who is a service director and he says that Yamaha has an updated pushrod to fix the clutch. I'll let you know by the 15th if they have it fixed.

Hello friends,

I went for a hinson basket and a magura hydraulic clutch....

Best move I ever made !

The clutch is like butter, nice easy and smoooooth.

The hydraulic clutch really made it into a ultra fast starter, now no one will ever catch me at the first turn !!!!

Wide open ´til You see God, then brake !

Fpilot: Is that the long push rod that goes across to the clutch hub? Or, are you referring to the actuator arm that the cable attaches to? Is the updated one supposed to flow more oil?

Numpsy: Does the Magura system have a different feel than the stock setup? I like what you said about it. Yep, the Magura is next!... :)

Yes Boit, it has a diffrent feel... :)

It is not so much easier to pull in but it is smoother.

To me it felt more kind of like direct.

I do not know if You will/would like it but I loved it !!!

I should really say: Try it !!! And it was not so expensive, about 150 USD here in Sweden..

Originally posted by Numpsy:

Yes Boit, it has a diffrent feel... :)

It is not so much easier to pull in but it is smoother.

To me it felt more kind of like direct.

I do not know if You will/would like it but I loved it !!!

I should really say: Try it !!! And it was not so expensive, about 150 USD here in Sweden..

Hi Nympsy!

Where in Sweden did you bougth the hydralic clutch? Sangberg Racing or...!


It's the long rod and yes it's supposed to flow better, haven't got it yet but my tank will be here Fri. maybe they will have the rod too!

I use the MS Racing easy pull lever and perch with great results at the track but it heats the clutch up if you ride alot of singletrack.


I got it thru a local bicycle-store.

The Swedish importer is Duells.

I know Kjell Sangberg really well but frankly he is a bit expensive and money, sad to say, is a bit of an object!!!

Where in sweden do You live ?

Maby I can help You if You can not get the right price.....

Just send me a mail

See ya !!

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