Thunder Alley Pipe!

I just got to let every one know that the new Thunder Alley ceramic coated/ spark arrestor 96 db version just rips. I have heard the Thunder Alley pipes were loud in the past. Bob Murray has the new permanent baffle insert rated at 96 db that works very well with his pipe. I was lean top to bottom when I first put it on so I was expecting some seat of the pants gains when I got the jetting right. I rejetted and Wow! This pipe rips from the bottom up and pulls hard all the way thru. The stock pipe with a baffle does not stand a chance. No comparison. Thunder Alley is well worth looking at. :)

How much less does that pipe weigh than the stock one? How was the fit?

Did you retain the stock header pipe (I realize you said it was just a spark arrestor/exhaust). I have been doing some reading on this supposed Nascar technology ceramic coating stuff on the inside of exhausts. It supposedly allows for higher flow rate of spent exhaust gasses thus scavenging the cylinder better making more HP in the process. Just wondering if there is a header pipe setup with the same coating or if that would be overkill. Also, what was the price and where did you purchase from?

The fit was great. It is smaller and about 6.5 lbs lighter. I used the stock header pipe as Bob's is the same size without the heat shield. I sealed the pipes with high temp silicone (no Clamp) on a very tight fit. I purchased directly from Thunder Alley at:

Ask Bob Murray at Thunder Alley about the ceramic coating of the header. I am very satisfied and did not expect the power gains to be this good. The pipes are steel and need WD-40 after washing to keep from rusting. I will buy another one after this one gets crashed up! :)

Instead of wd40 everytime you ride, pick up a can of high temp clear coat if you want to keep that raw look. I think Ill order one tonight. they look great and from your experience it sounds good. Did you have to have additional parts for the install?

No additional parts just some high temp black gasket sealant where the pipe slips on the header. I am sure Bob can build you his pipe without the 96 db insert but I ride a lot and a loud pipe just wears me out. :)

Hey Indy,

Do you have any pictures of the pipe mounted on your WR that you could post or e-mail?

Anyone can send me a PM with an email address and I will gladly email picks this Saturday before I get it muddy. I am on the road this week. Thanks :)

I ordered a non cali model (98-100db) this morning. Bob said it has a 3 week delivery date. Pretty sad about that but it will give me more time to get used to the power that it makes now and then after I put it on I will be surprised hopefully.

The louder version should be awesome. Get your ear plugs ready. The 96 db version is great. You will not regret either Thunder Alley pipe! :)


Have you had a chance to have it sound tested? Does he guarantee 96 dbs? How does it compare to your stock pipe W/O the baffle? :)

No guarantees from any pipe manufacturer but Bob will rework it until you are satisfied. He has a great reputation of making his customers happy. He does not advertise so every customer that is happy leads to another. I am not in a 96 db restricted riding area but I wanted it for a semi quiet performance pipe. Bob had several pipe insert versions on the YZ450 bikes at Hollister, CA motocross track that all tested right at 96db. I was not present but mine sounds much quieter than a uncorked stock only a little lounder than the stock pipe with an insert. I am impressed that something this quiet has so much performance. Bob say's his secret is in his cone design. The pipe gives the bike a harder pull throughout the throttle range! :)

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