Rubber mounted handlebar clamps

Anybody tried these on there 426?

On my 97CR250, one of the best mods I did was install the Applied top triple clamp with rubber mounts and TAG bars. While the 426 might not have the harshness of the aluminum frame, until I get these forks sorted out (they work pretty good stock on the 01, now that I softened them up) this seems to make perfect sense. I could do 45 min. motos on the CR no problem, and the 426 wears me out faster. Could be a combination of things but I am stealing the bars from my CR and ordering a triple clamp today.



Gary, I have the Applied clamps with rubber mounts. The new style urethane cones are much stiffer than stock Honda type ones. You may or may not detect a difference. Pro-Taper type bars are the big plus. On Tag bars, I recommend filing down the knurling until they fit easily into the handlebar holders. They should measure 1.125".

Scott F

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