need help in my purchase for a WR426

I am going to be purchasing a 2001 WR426 that has been raced in the Best in the Desert Series last year. I know the guy I am buying it from but i would like to have a few questions for him before i make my purchase. I know that he has replaced the motor and thats about it. It will be my first 4 stroke bike, so if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it.


That's a daunting question because a raced bike could need major rebuilding. New engine or rebuilt? Check what will need replacing and subtract from the price; tires, chain and sprockets, cosmetic stuff, grips, etc. Look to see if the bars, subframe, rims and frame are straight. Look under the engine and note all dents from bottoming. Ask him if he'll help you wrench on it if it breaks. Get a good price, but first, see if you can start it.

Good Luck,


The other school of thought is that racers tend to keep their bikes in tip top shape and usually buy allthe killer after markt add on's, if the guy selling the bike was a serious racer then ask him to show you all the receipts for the extras if any, ask him if you can pull the cam cover to inspect the cams for wear, ask him to prove to you that the valves were adjusted regulary etc.

And like the post above go over the bike with a fine tooth comb, looking specifically at the head stop where the tabs on the lower triple clamp make contact with the tab on the frame head tube, this will always tell if the bike was crashed hard because there will be impressions on the triple clamp from hard force applied to it during a crash.

Straight true wheels are a dead giveaway if the guy was a serious racer or not, worn sprockets indicate lack of attention to detail etc.

Find the clues. then buy accordingly.

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