I need to ask ........ Which grey wire?

:D I know that this subject has probably been brought up hundreds of times before, but i looked for past threads and cant seem to find them :):D :D :D

Could one of you please be so kind as to tell me again which wire to cut :D

:) Unless your's happens to be a U.S. model, I don't believe you have the evil grey wire, so DO NOT cut anything until you confirm or refute this!!!! :D Even if you DO have the bugger, simply unplug it from the connector rather than cut. :D


I just did it. It's under the tank in a six pack connector. It's the only gray one. Unplug the connector (it's a pain)and use a tiny screw driver on the individual wire connector stop to push the gray wire out. Tape it up and then feel the power. The wire retards the ignition at low RPM (for less power and more traction? So we don't scare ourselves? Less noise so hikers don't wet themselves when we ride past them?)

Just do it. You'll feel better, though your vision may blur from the added acceleration.


Hey Tim, his location is in Australia and I am almost positive that only U.S. model WR's got hosed with THE grey wire. He needs to contact yamaha.dude or blue-beast wins or another Australian TT member before he starts disconnecting or cutting wires. I really don't think he has one. Just trying to help... Let me know if I am wrong... Anybody? :)

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