WR 450 Seat

Anyone have a cure for the hard seat on the WR 450?

Anything aftermarket that is recommended to soften the blow? :)

Time :).

I know a lot of blokes who went to the 2003 ktm and they all had the same problem. The reason for the hard seat (apparently), is to keep you off it.

A mate of mine had this problem with his 2003ktm 525, but now 6 months later, nice seat.

There are many suggestions such as beating the seat with a baseball bat, removing the seat cover and foam or drilling holes under the foam.

It seems to be like the old days when we rode our pushies as kids, when we wern't used to it we got bottom chafe.

Again time seems to be the cure :D

There has been some discussion where some have added a jell to thier seat cushion. I haven't tried anything, still running stock. Hasn't bothered me yet, (callases I guess).


Guts Racing www.gutsracing.com makes a tall/soft foam insert for the WR450. The only downside is that the stock seat cover does not have enough slack around the sides to fit with the tall/soft foam. To save the day Guts also makes a variety of covers to fit the tall/soft insert. I did my WR450 tall/soft and love it ! They also make a soft insert to fit the stock seat cover, but of course, not as tall.

Don't know how to fix the seat, but had the same problem with a KX. The solution to my problem was a EVS padded riding shorts. They have a great padded area. You won't ride without them again.

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