Another question re: Airbox on Canadian WR 450

I have done some reading on the subject and, I have looked at my airbox and there is no way that I can see to increase airflow and leave the battery tray in tact on a Canadian WR 450.

Has anyone that has a Canadian WR 450 done an airbox mod? Any pics or insturctions? I am stumped on how to modify this.



I have one. I asked the question a few days ago and was told to pry it off as it's plastic welded in place. It is not. It's one piece on the Canadian bike and even if it did come off, there may be 3% more airflow by doing it. It is not the same effect as the 2002, etc. as those years, the whole top could come off. This one does too but what do you do with the battery?

Tim :)

P.S. Just found a picture of the USA airbox restricter. Nothing like that on Canadian bikes (or throttle stop)

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