fork height

Need a little help, 08 450, is raising the forks up to the first line on the fork tube approx. 5mm. and is sag at 108 approx. 4.25 inches. Just had suspension done and these are the starting recommendations. thanks alot

The conversion form metric to English is based on 1" = 25.4mm. 4.25" is 107.95 mm. You should be able to measure the fork yourself, but yes, the first machined groove is at 5mm.

If you have any complaints regarding understeer (front end push) on corner entry, try less sag, like about 98mm.

Thanks Grayracer,with sag at 98 do you suggest raising the fork tubes 5mm?


Yeppers. Set (or in your case, reset) sag and THEN make changes to the forks. And properly torque those fork bolts; too tight, especially the lower ones.

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